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August 8, 2017

SCS Awarded Consulting Contract with the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, FL

SCS Engineers will provide landfill and landfill gas engineering and construction management services to the Authority. Consulting services will include technical and financial advisory services related to the operation, expansion, and development of the Authority’s landfills, and work with utilities and regulatory agencies. BOCA RATON, FL – SCS Engineers, ...

August 1, 2017

SCS Engineers to Conduct Waste Characterization Study for Alameda County Agency

PLEASANTON, CA – SCS Engineers has been retained by StopWaste, a public agency formed by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board, to prepare a waste characterization study and measure the agency’s progress in achieving its waste-reduction goals. The objectives of ...

July 14, 2017

Mark Case, P.E. Joins SCS Engineers – Miami as Project Director and Office Manager

MIAMI, FL – Mark E. Case, a licensed Professional Engineer with 30 years of experience, is now managing the SCS Engineers’ Miami office. Case’s knowledge and experience in environmental engineering services will ensure a continuous high level of quality solutions for SCS clients in the Southeastern United States. Mr. ...

SCS Blog

August 14, 2017

Vertical Drains in Landfills Offer More Efficient Leachate and Gas Collection Reducing Capital Investment

Vertical drains help landfill liquids reaching the gas well gravel pack to flow to the leachate collection system at the bottom of the landfill; thus preventing watering out the gas wells. This sustainable alternative keeps gas production efficient and is environmentally sound, requiring less capital investment.

August 8, 2017

Fluctuating customer demand can complicate air permitting processes and inspections in manufacturing plants; here’s how one company tackled the challenges.

MasterMold, LLC makes component parts for manufacturers of recreational vehicles, utility equipment, and agricultural equipment who use the components in their end products. Because of the wide variety of industries and customers it serves, MasterMold must be poised to respond to its customers’ growth by increasing production levels on ...

SCS Events

August 20 - August 23

California Resource Recovery Association Annual Conference & Tradeshow

The California Resource Recovery Association’s (CRRA) 41st Annual Tradeshow & Conference, “Zero Waste, Stormwater & Our Wellbeing,” promises to be one of the most comprehensive and informative conferences dedicated to recycling and sustainable materials management in California and beyond. CRRA is well known for its training and educational offerings ...

August 24 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Webinar – Handle Your Environmental Regulatory Compliance Inspection Like a Champion

Are you ready for an inspection? Join SCS Engineers’ Cheryl Moran to find out how to get a better outcome when an inspector pays you a visit to review your compliance programs for air, waste, water, and more. During the webinar, you will learn: What triggers an inspection What ...

August 28 - August 30

2017 Resource Recycling Conference Minneapolis

Meet SCS professional Leslie Lukacs at the the Resource Recycling Conference in Minneapolis this August.   “Where the Industry Evolves” is sponsored by The Resource Recycling Conference, in partnership with the National Recycling Coalition and in alliance with Waste360, the Recycling Association of Minnesota, and the Minnesota chapter of SWANA. ...

August 29 - August 31

StormCon 2017: Emerging Trends in State and Federal Industrial Stormwater Regulation

Jonathan Meronek of SCS will present Industrial Stormwater Management at StormCon 2017. Tuesday, Session D21, 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. Recent Developments and Emerging Trends in State and Federal Industrial Stormwater Regulation: The Potential Future Implications for Stormwater Management and Compliance for Dischargers at Industrial Facilities. StormCon is the world’s largest ...

September 2 - September 4

Iowa Recycling Association – Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations Conference

The Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference and Trade Show is a premier event providing exceptional educational programs, networking, and trade show opportunities to recycling and solid waste management professionals from across the Midwest. SCS Engineers will present study results from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) ...

SCS Videos

The Illinois Basin has an extensive history of surface coal mining dating back to the early 1800’s. The Illinois Basin has experienced a resurgence of underground long wall operations with the migration of Appalachia-based coal mining operations over the last decade. This type of mining is conducted under hydraulic roof supports that advance as the coal seam is cut. As the supports advance, the roof collapses behind the cutting head, causing fractures to propagate through water-bearing sandstone formations and resulting in large volumes of fluid infiltrating into the underground workings. Up to 2 million gallons per day have been produced in the southern Illinois mines. The native groundwater contains naturally-occurring elevated chlorides that exceed surface water effluent limitations and are not permitted to discharge to Illinois surface waters. However, the fluid is permitted to be disposed of in Class I non-hazardous wells.


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