May 17, 2017

BRIDGE(ing) the Affordable Housing Gap, renewal & Redevelopment, April 2017

From the beginning, Bridge Housing and its partners met with community leaders, neighbors and others to gather input, rework designs, and address other community issues.   By Dan Johnson and Chris Crosby.   Brownfields and Remediation Information

May 17, 2017

Money Talks, MSW, May 2017

Part 2 of financial issues impacting the solid waste industry by Marc J. Rogoff and Robert B. Gardner   See related information.  Part 1 of Financial Issues series.

May 4, 2017

SCS Client Testimonial from Florida East Coast Industries

SCS Engineers has supported Florida East Coast Industries since 2007. We value our clients and become part of their team to meet their goals and objectives. Thank you for your business and the opportunity to help strengthen your work which is essential to the region.      

Technical Bulletins

February 6, 2017

SCS Technical Bulletin: Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Unraveled

For more information about the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) contact your local SCS Engineers office or one of our SCS professionals: Cheryl Moran [email protected] Ann O’Brien [email protected] Lee Pyle (Ammonia and Refrigeration Systems) [email protected] Share this information using your email or social media using the icons at ...

December 15, 2016

SCS Technical Bulletin: 2016 Updates to EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

For more information contact: Ray Huff, Vice President, National GHG Lead and Pat Sullivan, Senior Vice President. Or your local SCS Engineers office. Share this information using your email or social media using the icons at left. Download or print the bulletin by clicking the download button just under the document.

September 12, 2016

SCS Technical Bulletin: Industrial Storm Water Permit Coverage for Wisconsin Landfills

SCS periodically prepares technical bulletins to highlight items of interest to our clients and friends. These are published on our website. This SCS Technical Bulletin addresses Industrial Storm Water Permit requirements for landfills in Wisconsin and the two upcoming important file dates: September 19, 2016, submit a Notice of ...

White Papers

May 17, 2017

Mitigating Hydrogen Sulfide Issues at Coal Combustion Residuals and Municipal Solid Waste Co-disposal Sites, May 2017

Learn about the biological, chemical and physical conditions necessary for FGD decomposition and hydrogen sulfide generation. Marshall explores technologies that remove and treat hydrogen sulfide from landfill gas and present recommendations for reducing the potential for FGD decomposition at co-disposal facilities. By Jeff Marshall  

May 17, 2017

Selecting the Right Closure Cap Option for Your Surface Impoundment or CCR Landfill, May 2017

Alternative capping options have recently emerged in the industry, such as exposed geomembrane liners or synthetic turf/geomembrane liner systems. Some of these alternative capping options have many advantages over their traditional counterparts. These experts describe the advantages and disadvantages of alternative capping options. By Steve Lamb and Floyd Cotter   ...

May 17, 2017

Working Through Location Restrictions to Expand the Ottumwa Midland Landfill, May 2017

The final Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) rule introduces new challenges for companies developing new landfills or expanding existing sites. Join us to learn how Alliant Energy overcame these challenges and expanded the Ottumwa Midland Landfill (OML) to accommodate increased byproduct disposal rates from new emission control projects. By Eric ...

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