October 26, 2016

EREF Awards Twelve Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships, Including the Robert P. Stearns – SCS Engineers Master’s Scholar 2016

Last week the Board of Directors of the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) awarded the most scholarships in its history to Masters and Doctoral students across the United States and Canada. Congratulations to each of the twelve recipients including Caroline Larose at the University of Michigan.   Caroline Larose ...

October 24, 2016

Is Your Landfill, Landfill Gas, or Solid Waste Operation Ready For 2017? SCS’s free guidance helps you plan to meet and finance for NSPS rules

Getting a firm handle on a solid waste  operation and expenses is a challenge for any solid waste agency manager or landfill operator. It is particularly imperative in this era of “lean and mean” budgets and looming regulatory policy. Doing more with less is the watchword for most operations across the country still ...

October 18, 2016

Should we sound the death knell for recycling in the U.S.?

No. The solution is to confront the myths being painted on the state of recycling.   Read the full article by Marc Rogoff, SCS Engineers.    

October 11, 2016

SCS clients are preparing for NSPS and NMOC with resources, information and timelines – you can too

SCS is working to get our landfill clients through NMOC and NSPS with timelines – they are prepared for what they need to do now and in the future. Listed here are the most popular and timely resources and information useful for your own planning. Article in Waste360: explains who’s impacted ...

October 3, 2016

Why should I consider a solid waste rate analysis?

SCS provides several reasons. A solid waste rate analysis will provide your agency with a deeper understanding of how to establish rates and appropriately allocate costs to the various functions of your operation. This financial analysis can also be used to estimate and plan for various contingencies year-by-year. For ...