A Woman’s Journey in Environmental Engineering

November 20, 2023

Environmental Engineering
Anastasia Welch, SCS Engineers


In the realm of global sustainable development, engineering stands as a crucial pillar, driving innovation and progress. Women, representing half of the world’s population, play a pivotal role in this narrative, bringing diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the forefront. One such trailblazer in the field is Anastasia Welch, whose contributions at SCS Engineers exemplify the impact women engineers can have on shaping a sustainable future.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for environmental sustainability, women like Anastasia drive positive change in the waste industry. Here’s her journey, which we hope will inspire you.

Building Professional Experience

As a Vice President/Project Director, Ms. Welch utilizes her civil engineering background to affect solid waste-related projects in numerous states for both municipal and private clients. Throughout her career, Anastasia has focused on solid waste-related solutions ranging from design and compliance to planning. As a solid waste practice leader in the Central Region, Anastasia leverages her experience across the company to bring the appropriate personnel and work efforts to meet clients’ expectations and needs.

This month, she achieved a milestone in her career with her promotion to the Business Unit Director for SCS’ Central Region. She brings technical expertise and a unique perspective that enriches her team’s problem-solving capabilities. By influencing industry standards and promoting responsible environmental practices throughout the firm, her leadership extends beyond the Central Business Unit.

Project Experience

Mrs. Welch enjoys assisting her clients to help them meet their long-term goals. Anastasia is passionate about landfills and the waste systems that serve our communities. As of 2020, she is the Co-Chair of SWANA’s Landfill Re-Branding Committee, focusing on changing how the public views landfills. More recently, she has become much more involved with industrial clients, assisting them with their multimedia permitting and compliance needs.

Anastasia appreciates the details of technical compliance regulations by putting the pieces together, whether for a landfill or an industrial manufacturing facility. She excels by protecting our environment in a responsible way that still allows businesses to thrive.

Her specialty services areas include landfill design, transfer stations, solid waste planning, industrial facilities support, gas, stormwater, and environmental & industrial compliance.

Demonstrating a Passion for Environmental Engineering and Leadership

Anastasia’s dedication to details has proven instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of waste management and landfill design. Women engineers like Anastasia bring a holistic approach to problem-solving, ensuring that solutions are sound and environmentally responsible.

Anastasia’s role as Co-Chair of SWANA’s Landfill Re-Branding Committee exemplifies SCS Engineers’ proactive stance in reshaping industry narratives. By actively working to change public perceptions of landfills, she demonstrates the transformative power of combining technical expertise with effective communication and education.

Publications and Presentations

Anastasia actively contributes to the field through various publications and presentations, showcasing and sharing successful solutions. Noteworthy publications include “Developing a Master Plan for the City of Kirkwood, MO” and “Systematic Pathways to a Sustainable Waste Business.” Her presentations at conferences such as the Global Waste Management Symposium and the Missouri Waste Control Coalition Conference reflect her dedication to knowledge sharing and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Education and Professional Licenses

Anastasia holds a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Missouri, Columbia, graduating in 2000. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and North Dakota, showcasing her commitment to maintaining high professional standards.

The Transformative Power of Women in Environmental Engineering

Anastasia’s journey is a story of dedication, expertise, and leadership, from her educational background to her technical and managerial experience. Anastasia demonstrates a passion for environmental sustainability and a commitment to excellence.

As we celebrate the achievements of women like Anastasia, we recognize the collective impact women engineers have on achieving sustainable development goals. Their contributions go beyond technical expertise; each brings a fresh perspective, resilience, and a commitment to leaving a positive mark on the world. By fostering inclusivity, encouraging mentorship, and championing diversity, we pave the way for more engineering women to be architects of sustainable progress. The journey of women in engineering and as environmental consultants, exemplified by Anastasia, is a testament to the endless possibilities when talent knows no gender or color.


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