Considerations for the Piping Network, MSW, March 2018

The elements needed for a piping network in a gas collection and control system; part I of a three-part series by Ali Khatami, Srividhya Viswanathan, and David Fisher in MSW Magazine.

The authors recommend that GCCS designers keep in mind construction of the final cover over landfill slopes and the interaction that GCCS components will have with the final cover components during the design stage of a GCCS. Careful attention to these details can potentially save significant modification costs and inconveniences for the landfill operator prior to and during construction of the final covers.

The authors also recommend placing the LFG header in the landfill perimeter berm in consideration of all site conditions. The benefits described in the article may be only part of the benefits landfill operators will experience during the long-term life of the landfill.

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