From hot dogs to housing, first developments on former Oscar Mayer plant

Brownfields offer opportunities for communities and developers to revitalize properties with economic and social benefits. Properties are often located in areas with infrastructure in place but require the skills of an environmental engineer or consultant to identify any challenges for redevelopment. Careful and thorough due diligence, along with working closely with all stakeholders, leads to success.


SCS’s Brownfields and Environmental Services

• Environmental review before offer to purchase,
• Limited Phase 2 ESA to address known issues and findings of previous Phase 1 ESAs,
• Contaminated Materials Management Plan,
• Participation in public meetings to address concerns about perceived contamination issues and how environmental specialists plan for and prevent them,
• Liaison and meetings with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and City of Madison [Environmental] Engineering staff on environmental aspects of the project,
• Supported public relations on property redevelopment,
• Contaminated soil and groundwater management cost estimating,
• Phase 1 before property closing in January 2024.

Continuing Services
• Materials management oversight during construction,
• Wisconsin DNR case closure request at completion of project assures compliance and safety.

Eric Oelkers, PG, an SCS senior project manager and Hydrogeologist, performed the work.