Ground Water Basin Evaluation Primer

Tony Maggio takes us through the W’s of a sustainable groundwater plan incorporating a great deal of information that is current and has been collected over time. Before any planning can occur in a groundwater basin, the basin itself must be evaluated and well understood.

This summary article in the California Water Journal is based on Mr. Maggio’s paper entitled Groundwater Basin Evaluation A Primer With an Eye Toward Sustainable Perennial Yield.


About the Author: Tony Maggio, PG, is a Vice President, Project Director, Environmental Auditor, and Senior Hydrogeologist at SCS. He is experienced in due diligence-related environmental assessments and environmental compliance audits in the US, Mexico, and Latin America; environmental, health, and safety (EHS) audits at facilities in the US and Mexico; development of environmental management programs in the US and Mexico; development of assessment and closure plans for Brownfields sites through US EPA Region IX, and Brownfields. He is an expert in groundwater contamination and site characterization studies, water resource assessments, wellhead protection studies, groundwater basin balance studies, monitoring and water supply well design, and water resource management planning.