The ins and outs of efficient soil transfer

Efficient Soil Transfer means assessing and managing regulated waste soil and inert soil during construction and demolition. It is important to your project to remain on time and on budget. Keith Etchells takes readers through the regulatory and legal framework regarding soil transport and disposal and best practices to avoid the risk and liability of transporting contaminated soil to unauthorized destinations.

This article was published in Construction & Demolition Recycling in September 2023. Share this article using the icons at the bottom of the page.


Keith EtchellsAbout the Author: Keith Etchells, PG, CHG, is a professional geologist and hydrogeologist with over two decades of experience assisting clients in managing environmental risks associated with the ownership, transfer, or operation of commercial, industrial, and waste disposal properties. His technical expertise involves groundwater science and engineering relevant to contaminated sites and landfills, including supervision and conduct of subsurface data acquisition, remedial design and implementation, conceptual site model development, aquifer testing, extraction well design, groundwater quality evaluation and treatment, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and contaminated soil and groundwater remediation design. Contact Keith on LinkedIn or at .


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