Barton County Hires SCS Aquaterra to Help Extend Landfill Life

April 28, 2015

New cell construction Barton County Sanitary Landfill.
New cell construction Barton County Sanitary Landfill.

SCS Aquaterra will continue providing professional environmental consulting and engineering services for Barton County Sanitary Landfill in Kansas.

OVERLAND PARK, KS – SCS Aquaterra is providing professional environmental consulting services to Barton County (County) at the Barton County Sanitary Landfill (Landfill). The SCS team will now support the County by providing the science-backed data necessary to meet Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permitting requirements to expand the waste capacities of Barton County’s construction and demolition landfill and municipal solid waste landfill. The expansion will lengthen the life of the two landfills.

The SCS consulting team continues to provide support to the Landfills including regulatory air and water compliance measurement for the health and safety of the County’s residents including:

  • Groundwater and leachate monitoring and reporting.
  • Closure/Post-Closure estimates to address the costs associated with the final cover construction, reclamation of borrow areas, leachate disposal, stormwater controls, and long-term environmental monitoring.
  • Annually, calculate the landfill usage and air-space volumes used to estimate waste densities achieved each year.
  • Greenhouse gas reporting in accordance with the EPA requirements of 40 CFR 98.3(c).

The SCS team is headed by Project Director John Rockhold, P.G. who specializes in hydrogeology and Nathan Hamm, P.E. who specializes in landfill design and permitting in Kansas. “SCS professionals have a history of working with the County and on these Landfills,” said Nathan Hamm. “We’re pleased to provide environmental support services to the citizens of Barton County.”