Chesterfield Square Receives Phoenix Award

October 20, 2005

Los Angeles – Chesterfield Square has been recognized as a Phoenix Award winner. The Phoenix Award is widely recognized as the outstanding award for achievement of excellence in transforming “brownfields” – abandoned industrial areas, into productive new uses. Chesterfield Square was awarded a Community Impact Award, an award that recognizes participants for their exceptional projects in smaller communities. This SCS Engineers brownfield project is the second to receive a Phoenix Award in 2005. The PETCO Park and East Village revitalization project also recently received a Phoenix Award for its positive affect on a formerly neglected area of San Diego, CA.

Located on the southwest corner of Western Avenue and Slauson Avenue in South Los Angeles, Chesterfield Square is a traditional development in a non-traditional area, an area previously abandoned by major retailers. In fact, it is one of the first major commercial developments in the south Los Angeles area since the 1990s civil unrest disrupted that area. The center is a 325,000 square foot retail shopping complex located on 31 acres and is anchored by a Food 4 Less grocery store, a Home Depot, fast food restaurants, and other commercial businesses.

The properties formerly included a lumber mill, dairy creamery, strip shopping center, metal reclamation yard, and other commercial uses. On behalf of the developer, SCS completed Preliminary (Phase I) Assessments for several parcels of land within the development area and identified the historical presence of underground storage tanks and other areas where various hazardous materials and/or petroleum hydrocarbons may have been released. SCS conducted Phase II investigations, which verified releases of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Several underground storage tanks were removed from the site and remediation was completed with SCS oversight. Soil samples were collected for analysis to confirm that remediation goals were achieved. Assessment of groundwater was completed to the satisfaction of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. SCS worked closely with regulatory agency personnel to ensure that expedited reviews were completed. Based on the work and reports completed by SCS, the underground tanks were closed and remediation concurrence was obtained from the regulators.

In addition, SCS completed asbestos inspections for many of the buildings. SCS also provided oversight during asbestos abatement and collected clearance samples.

The Community Impact Award, along with all other Phoenix Awards, will be presented during a special ceremony on November 4, 2005, at the Brownfields 2005 conference in Denver, Colorado.