City of West Sacramento Extends Environmental Contract with SCS Engineers

November 6, 2018

The amended contract includes environmental consultation, mitigation
and habitat restoration.

west sacramento public worksWest Sacramento, CA — The City of West Sacramento (City) has amended its contract with SCS Engineers to extend the geographic area beyond Pioneer Bluff to include the entire City of West Sacramento. The new contract runs through September 15, 2019.

“We will use our experience with the City and expertise in redeveloping brownfield sites across the nation to effectively assess, plan, and integrate the investigation, remediation and remedial objectives into plans and reports that guide the construction and development plans,” said Dan Johnson, SCS vice president. “Our team appreciates the opportunity to play an important role in the City’s efforts to bring new vigor to West Sacramento.”

The scope of work under the contract could include site assessment, planning, environment consultation, project management, habitat restoration, and biological wetlands surveys. SCS Engineers will review existing data to assess the possible presence of recognized environmental conditions before working with the City to design investigations and develop final plans and reports. The resulting plans and reports will be integrated with the proposed land use and infrastructure, and coordinated with regulatory agencies. The environmental planning is intended to provide insights into how to cost-effectively integrate necessary environmental work with existing and proposed land uses to protect human and environmental health.