May 11, 2006

Long Beach, CA  – On March 1, 2006, the EPA awarded SCS Engineers (SCS) its third Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) contract. SCS Engineers has been one of U.S. EPA’s prime contractors for the LMOP over the past ten years through two previous five-year contracts.

Under the previous LMOP contracts, SCS has provided technical and outreach support through numerous assignments to promote the recovery and beneficial use of landfill gas.  Most assignments supported the EPA’s domestic programs, with some attention to landfill gas recovery outside the USA.  Inception of the Bush Administration’s “Methane to Markets” Initiative in November 2004 is expected to generate substantially more international assignments under the new contract.  The Methane to Markets Initiative is a multi-governmental partnership to voluntarily reduce global methane emissions by providing technical and outreach support to developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

The first SCS assignment under this new contract entailed the presentation of a landfill gas-to-energy workshop in India.  EPA staff and workshop attendees considered the workshop informative and the event provided a springboard to explore landfill gas energy projects at several large disposal sites in India.

Since the latest contract award, EPA has designated the SCS LMOP team to manage LMOP activities in two domestic regions (Upper Midwest and West), a continuation of prior SCS assignments over the past several years.  Based on past work, SCS expects EPA to call on its team to provide support on various subjects including outreach to landfill owner and operators and energy users, organization of conferences and presentations, LandGEM support (modeling of landfill gas generation forecasts), energy end user analysis, pre-feasibility site assessments, and economic analysis of potential landfill gas energy projects.

The SCS LMOP team also is currently working on a pre-feasibility assessment (including a 3-well pump test) for the Ensenada Landfill in Baja California, Mexico, and the development of a landfill gas generation model and workshop for countries in Central America.  Future assignments may include technical and outreach support, pre-feasibility assessments, conferences, and workshops in the Ukraine, India, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador.