City of Menifee Selects SCS Engineers for Environmental Engineering to Support Economic Development

April 22, 2019

Menifee, CA– The City of Menifee’s Public Works and Engineering Department recently hired SCS Engineers to provide professional services in support of the City’s ongoing commitment to making Menifee one of the state’s most promising new communities.

SCS Engineers professionals are available to Menifee for Environmental Review services including Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments. These thorough environmental investigations by Environmental Engineers identify any potential contaminants on properties that may have previously housed businesses such as dry cleaners, gas stations, farms, or golf courses. If needed, the assessments are typically performed before redeveloping property to protect the environment and keep redevelopment costs down. The environmental assessments are part of Menifee’s vision and economic development plans as a growing, vibrant community while ensuring public health and safety with regards to proposed development and land use.

“The City of Menifee is one of the region’s fastest growing communities,” said Tony Maggio, SCS Director of Technical Services. “The work we are contracted to perform is an important component of the City’s ongoing commitment to environmental health and smart growth.”