August 23, 2005


Long Beach, CA – SCS Energy has signed an agreement with Capstone Turbine to become a distributor of Capstone microturbine energy systems that convert waste flare gases into renewable energy. “Three years ago, the South Coast Air Quality Management District purchased ten biogas-capable Capstone microturbines then provided them to the Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD). SCS Energy worked with the LACSD to install and commission this 300-kilowatt array at its Calabasas Landfill in Southern California,” said Jeff Pierce, Vice President.“That site has performed, and continues to perform, above expectations, and was a major factor in SCS Energy’s decision to enter into a distributor agreement with Capstone,” continued Pierce. Award-winning Capstone microturbines are extremely low emission, high efficiency power and heat generators. These systems have just one moving part and use no oil, lubricants or other hazardous materials, using only air for lubrication and cooling. Most are natural gas fueled to reduce energy costs as they increase power reliability at a variety of businesses and public facilities. Hundreds, however, have been deployed at landfills, wastewater treatment plants and other sites where these systems are fueled entirely with otherwise vented or flared waste gases.“The international leadership SCS Energy has demonstrated in the field of environmental engineering is unsurpassed,” said Tony Hynes, Vice President of Sales & Service for Capstone. “We are proud to be working with SCS Energy and look forward to a future of duplicating the great success we’ve had together.”