October 23, 2006


Phoenix, AZ Brad Johnston, Office Director of the Phoenix office of SCS Engineers (SCS), is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Hugh Walker as Project Director and leader of Arizona’s Solid Waste Division.  Mr. Walker will be responsible for SCS’ solid waste-related activities pertaining to Arizona and the southwest.

Mr. Walker comes to SCS Engineers (SCS) with over 10 years of environmental engineering and construction project management experience. His extensive experience includes: remediation engineering for gas migration control on a Class I landfill (Superfund site); gas migration control designs; design, engineering, construction management, and operation of a gas collection system at a large EPA superfund site; feasibility studies of multiple waste-to-energy modular incinerators; management of horizontal landfill expansion engineering design project; management of two major Subtitle “D” landfill expansion projects for a private waste company; redesign of a 200 foot vertical lift on a landfill; preliminary design of a 4,000 tons per day material recovery facility; design support for an 1,800 tons per day materials recovery facility; preparation of air quality, fire, building, safety, and waste discharge permits; preparation of air quality permits for a gas migration and utilization system; and regulatory assessment of the implementation of a landfill gas to electricity project.

Mr. Walker has earned a Bachelor of Science from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. He is has been Corporate Director of SWANA as well as a voting member of the Legislative Committee of the Southern California Chapter of SWANA. In addition, Mr. Walker has completed the SWANA- conducted Management of Landfill Operations (MOLO) training.