SCS Engineers Assists the County of Santa Clara with Compost Processing Capacity and Organics Diversion Study

March 21, 2017

SANTA CLARA, CA – SCS Engineers has been retained by the County of Santa Clara to study the County’s capacity to process compost and divert organic material. The County has a strong commitment to forward-thinking waste diversion and recycling; with progressive programs already in place such as sustainable gardening, composting education, household and small business hazardous waste, green business certification programs, and more.

Together, the Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) and the Recycling and Waste Reduction Division (RWRD) of the County have worked together to implement a comprehensive and cohesive solid waste management program.

The SCS Engineers study will examine the infrastructure alternatives in Santa Clara County that can support increasing composting and organics diversion over the next 15 years. The study will determine if there is a gap between projected capacities and anticipated material tonnages. SCS will make recommendations regarding potential solutions for additional capacity and waste reductions. The study will look at alternatives such as anaerobic digestion, small scale in-vessel composting, backyard composting, grass-cycling, food rescue, and other methods which are sustainable and economically feasible.

“Our sustainable materials management team will identify all of the available opportunities – and gaps – in and around the County to increase composting and waste diversion,” said Michelle Leonard, an SCS vice president. “Santa Clara County’s commitment to reducing waste sent to landfills is impressive and an important component to compliance with State regulations.”