SCS Engineers Awarded Contract by Pinellas County for Environmental Consulting and Construction Services

December 15, 2015

SCS Engineers to manage the Bridgeway Acres West Landfill side slope closure project in Pinellas County.

Construction quality assurance and environmental engineering services will help provide long-term stability and safety of slope closure at Bridgeway Acres West Landfill.

TAMPA, FL – The Pinellas Board of County Commissioners has hired SCS Engineers to manage its side slope closure project at the Bridgeway Acres Landfill. SCS will also provide construction quality assurance, construction contract administration services, and geosynthetic materials conformance and field test services.

When portions of a waste site are closed special skills are provided by SCS’s environmental engineers to control leachate formation and landfill gas. The stability of the cover system is ruled by the shearing resistance that develops at the interfaces of various components of the cover systems. The slope angle, slope length, surface roughness of the geomembrane and tensile strength of the veneer reinforcement influence the stability of slopes. The impact of seepage forces also affects long-term stability and safety. The County has chosen to use a geomembrane cover, which with the conformance and in-place testing along with proper installation help to secure the longevity and stability of the slopes in the closed portions of the landfill.

SCS Engineers will perform construction contract administration responsibilities consisting of reviewing submittals and shop drawings, providing technical support, and construction material tracking and logging. The firm will provide construction quality assurance (CQA) to support project certification, which consists of the activities directly related to the foundation, drainage, gas venting, all protective layers of the closure system, including quality assurance laboratory testing for material conformance.

“Our team is excited to have the opportunity to continue working with Pinellas County,” said Shane Fischer, Project Director with the SCS Florida team. “Our professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality environmental engineering and construction services possible.”

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