SCS Engineers Promotes Eduardo Smith to Lead Client Success Program

January 10, 2018

eduardo smith
Eduardo Smith spearheads SCS Engineers Client Success Program.

LONG BEACH, CA – SCS Engineers recently named Eduardo Smith, P.E. as the Senior Vice President of Client Success, a Corporate position within the firm. SCS President Jim Walsh announced the promotion which became effective on January 1, 2018.

Eddy, as he is known by the firm’s patrons now leads SCS’s nationwide Client Success Program. SCS is known for their focus on serving clients while delivering sustainable, technical solutions. With this Program, SCS intends to take the client experience to the next level. The Program safeguards that all SCS employees take a proactive role in identifying and serving the needs of their clients as the firm continues to grow.

According to Smith, “It is not enough to deliver quality technical solutions. We expect everyone at SCS from Young Professionals to our National Experts to continue building on the reason our clients trust us; we focus on helping our clients succeed in achieving their business goals, knowing this will make us more successful”.

SCS Vice President Robert Speed is assuming the role and responsibilities as Office Director of SCS’s Southeast operations. Speed and Smith will continue to work closely to ensure a smooth transition under Speeds management and leadership. Smith will continue to work out of the Southeast region.

“SCS believes in proactively building the skills necessary to meet the values our firm is built on,” stated Jim Walsh, President, and CEO. “Eddy’s track record of building and fostering long-term client relationships makes him the obvious choice to lead our robust program encompassing a mix of new and traditional skill sets that directly benefit our clients and reinforce the SCS culture of delivering value.”