SCS Engineers’ Tom Lock Elected as SWANA Keystone Officer

September 24, 2018

Tom Lock of SCS Engineers recently elected as an Officer of the SWANA Keystone Chapter.

HARRISBURG, PA – Members of the Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) elected Tom Lock of SCS Engineers as Secretary of the Keystone SWANA Chapter. He assumed his new position following the Board of Director’s meeting on September 6, 2018.

Lock will continue to provide leadership and representation for the waste management industry and in the use of renewable energy resources such as landfill gas and solar in the region. He is responsible for keeping full minutes of all proceedings of the Chapter, its members, directors, and committees, and maintaining Chapter records. Lock will issue notices required by law and SWANA bylaws, prepare and submit required annual, periodic or special reports, and shall perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors. He is a SWANA member of over 25 years and regularly participates in regional and national conferences.

Lock, a Project Manager for SCS Engineers, has three decades of experience in environmental field services and project management, with an emphasis on waste industry operations and maintenance. He manages the SCS Engineers Harrisburg office and coordinates with the firm’s offices and operations nationwide. Lock’s expertise is in Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) of environmental control systems. His work involves OM&M of renewable energy resources such as landfill gas using a sophisticated collection, monitoring, and reporting system SCSeTools®.

Lock’s knowledge of safety regulations and best practices produces SCS field teams who conduct their work safely and efficiently and set a good example for others in Pennsylvania. Compliance with Pennsylvania and federal environmental regulations and policies are imperative to the health and welfare of the Commonwealth, where industry and agricultural producers strive to protect the population and the environment as part of doing business.