SCS Engineers Wins State Waste Reduction Award

February 11, 2010




Long Beach, CA – The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (formerly Integrated Waste Management Board) has deemed SCS’s California operations a WRAP 2009 Winner for “improving the environment by reducing waste.” WRAP, the Waste Reduction Awards Program, was established in 1993 by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. This annual program recognizes California businesses that have made outstanding efforts to reduce the amount of material sent to local landfills through progressive and/or creative endeavors.

“We believe that we should strive to achieve the same high standards for ourselves as we do in support of our clients’ waste reduction programs. After many years of helping other businesses plan for waste diversion and apply for this award, we took the time to apply for ourselves.  We are proud that we were successful our first time out,” said Michelle Nicholls, SCS’s Director of Materials and Resources Management Services.

SCS was judged on a set of criteria and its ability to meet those criteria by providing information on the ways SCS reduces, reuses, recycles, and re-buys in the course of conducting its professional services business.  In accordance with WRAP procedures, SCS documented the achievement of its waste reduction and diversion goals based on those programs.

Since the inception of the WRAP award, over 4,000 California businesses have received 17,000 awards (combination of multi-site and multi-year winners). SCS received its award certificate and authorization to use the WRAP logo in advertising and promotions in December 2009.