Carlo Lebron

Mr. Lebron is the Business Unit Director of SCS Engineers’ Southeast Region (Florida, Georgia, and Alabama). He has broad and diverse experience in solid waste engineering including projects in landfill gas, groundwater, landfill services and solid waste facilities. Mr. Lebron has been practicing solid waste engineering since 1999 and has worked on projects in more than half the country. He has experience in landfill gas collection systems and landfill gas to energy projects all across the Country. He has experience on over one hundred landfill gas projects; these include evaluation, design, permitting, construction, operation.
Mr. Lebron has led a solid waste group that has experience in construction management and oversight of not only landfill and landfill gas collection systems but soil vapor extraction systems and other solid waste construction projects. He has extensive experience with Title V permitting and other regulatory requirements associated with landfill gas collection systems such as NSPS and NESHAP.