Eddy Smith

Mr. Smith is SCS’s Senior Vice President of Client Success. He has over 20 years of environmental and civil engineering design and consulting experience in the areas of planning, permitting, design and construction involving contamination assessment and remediation, solid waste and storm water management, and water/natural resources. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida. Before his promotion in January 2018, Mr. Smith served as the Director of the Florida and Georgia regions, which experienced significant growth under his leadership. Eddyd’s long-standing working relationships with many of the environmental regulators in South Florida have proven to be greatly beneficial to the clients he serves.
Eddy’s management and technical experience is demonstrated by his successful execution on some of the largest, highest-profile, and environmentally sensitive projects in South Florida including the Old South Dade Landfill Closure Enhancement design/build project, and the Virginia Key, Homestead, Munisport (Biscayne Landing), and Peerless Landfill re-development projects in which he led the engineering and permitting. He is now parlaying his expertise into a nationwide effort to help SCS clients succeed in their respective businesses.