Jay Hatho

Mr. Hatho is a Senior Vice President of SCS Engineers, our Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer, and our National Expert on Technology Services. He is responsible for developing new technologies that collect, monitor and control systems in the field. He has employed new hardware and software not previously utilized in the environmental engineering field. These new technologies help to reduce the costs of running and operating engineering projects, and are now sold as a product to clients. This helped launch a product development organization at SCS known as SCS eTools.
Jay has leveraged hardware, software, and wireless technology to streamline the operations, maintenance, and monitoring of data that is collected at landfills. Landfills and landfill gas in particular, along with other industries must comply with government regulations. Collecting, storing and analyzing compliance data is expensive because traditionally it was time consuming and sometimes dangerous to collect. SCS Technology developed a secure and user-friendly web-based application to identify, collect, track, and report in real-time the data required to meet compliance regulations. The components work wirelessly and are built to last even under extreme weather conditions.
Mr. Hatho also oversees the modernization and standardization of SCS’s IT organization to support the company’s growth. He is responsible for deploying modern technologies to help improve communication throughout the company and for leading the development of software products both internally and for clients.
Prior to joining SCS, Mr. Hatho developed technology platforms and infrastructure for a major online brokerage firm, and served as the director of engineering for a major computer manufacturer. He started large organizations overseas and locally that improved business and helped increase revenues for several companies, and managed multi-million dollar engineering budgets while maintaining strict fiscal controls and disciplines.
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