SCS Energy: Landfill Gas to Energy, Medium-BTU for Orlando Utilities Commission Florida

SCS Engineers transmission pipelineOrlando Utilities Commision LFGE

Performed in conjunction with three separate SCS Engineers divisions – SCS Field Services and SCS Energy. This is a turnkey solution which includes design-build of a landfill gas (LFG) compression and refrigeration facility, and a 7-mile, 18-inch diameter LFG transmission pipeline.

SCS constructed this project on a design-build basis for the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC). The OUC LFGE facility has 8,000 scfm LFG utilization and is located at the Orange County Landfill in Orlando, FL. The landfill gas to energy solution consists of an LFG processing plant located at the landfill and a seven-mile LFG transmission pipeline. The LFG is used by OUC as a fuel for power generation. The LFGE plant employs the following components:

  • LFG extraction blowers;
  • Standby LFG flares;
  • Flooded-screw compressors; and
  • LFG refrigeration and reheat.

SCS completed the first phase of this project (4,000 scfm) in May 2010 on a design-build basis. SCS completed a 4,000 scfm expansion on a design-build basis in May 2017. SCS will add another 1,200 scfm LFGE plant at a closed cell at the landfill this year in addition to performing ongoing operations and maintenance for the plant.

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