Pond Dike Failure Analysis, Confidential Client, Midwest Region

SCS Engineers Coal Ash Pond Dike Failure Repair AnalysisA Midwestern electric power utility experienced failure of a dike separating two of their coal ash storage ponds. The utility needed assistance evaluating the cause of the failure and developing design changes to prevent future failures.

SCS Engineers evaluated and determined the likely cause of the dike failure. We recommended design changes to minimize the potential for future failures and prepared cost estimates for implementing design recommendations. SCS documented the repair and reconstruction of the dike.

We completed all specifications and drawings for the dike reconstruction. The design included alteration of the pond outlet structure, filling of the ash pond, addition of drainage piping, ash and clay compaction requirements, and addition of a pipe inlet and erosion control materials.

Other services we performed include:

  • geotechnical investigations for failure analysis
  • analysis of the pond failure by modeling multiple failure scenarios
  • design recommendations for reconstruction of the dike
  • oversight during construction