Due Diligence Assessment, Remediation, Brownfields Site Closure

Tampa, Florida

FCI Residential Eleven retained SCS Engineers to conduct due diligence for their prospective purchase of the former Amazon Hose and Rubber Company’s warehouse and two adjoining properties, located in Tampa’s up-and-coming Channelside district. FCI was interested in determining the extent of environmental impacts, in order to safely develop a high-end residential community.

The due diligence efforts included a Phase I ESA, a NESHAP Demolition Asbestos Survey, and a lead-based paint inspection. The Phase I ESA revealed two RECs; therefore, a Phase II ESA consisting of soil and groundwater analysis was conducted. A second Phase II ESA was conducted after contaminants were found above regulatory limits in both the soil and groundwater. SCS worked with FDEP to agree on no off-site soil removal, saving over $300,000 in remediation costs.

SCS worked with FDEP for an alternative closure using institutional controls. Additionally, SCS completed a Soil Management Plan for workers to safely handle soil during construction activities. SCS then worked with the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County’s Environmental Protection Commission to complete a Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement to successfully designate the site as a Designated Brownfields Area.  SCS completed a Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit application, so our client received 75% of incurred assessment and remediation costs back in tax credits.

The site was successfully remediated, receiving closure from the state of Florida. A beautiful complex called The Fitzgerald Channelside Apartments is now open.