Environmental Management Planning – Public Works and Parks and Recreation, CA

City of Poway, CA, Public Works Department and the Parks and Recreation Department

SCS Tracer assisted the City of Poway in the preparation of a Process Safety Management program for the Public Works Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. Both departments have facilities using chlorine one-ton containers for water treatment and disinfection. Our support included preparing piping diagrams, conducting the Process Hazard Analysis, and developing the necessary management programs.

We also conducted additional studies for compliance with the CalARP Program and the EPA RMP. These included the Hazard Assessment, Seismic Assessment, and the RMP*Submit document. All data was finalized and submitted to EPA and the administrating agency, San Diego County Hazardous Materials Management Division, for both facilities.  SCS provided an employee training session to familiarize all employees with the PSM, RMP, and CalARP Program documentation.

SCS assisted Poway with the preparation of a CalARP Program 2 for their new aqueous ammonia installation, including conducting the Hazard Review, Hazard Assessment, and associated prevention programs. The CalARP Risk Management Plan was submitted to and approved by San Diego County Environmental Health Department.

SCS has also assisted the City of Poway Public Works Department with the preparation of their Written Confined Space Program, a written Respiratory Protection Program, and a Safety Compliance Review of the Public Works Department.

SCS established an Advisory Services program with the Public Works Department. Our support includes the development of various written safety programs, meeting regularly with City Supervisors to ensure the programs are implemented and to review any safety issues that might arise. In addition, SCS is involved with the on-going revalidation and implementation of the water treatment plants PSM/RMP/CalARP for both the chlorine and aqueous ammonia systems. This includes assistance with the Cal-OSHA citation appeal process

We continue to support the City of Poway, Public Works Department with the implementation of the PSM/RMP/CalARP program at the Water Treatment Plant, in addition to general safety concerns throughout the City, such as confined space, fall protection, etc.