Industrial Hygiene – Asbestos Services, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Florida

SCS Engineers Industrial Hygiene Asbestos
Heavy equipment with a sampling pump.

SCS Field Services, a division of SCS Engineers, entered into a contract with the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) of Palm Beach County to install new landfill gas wells. The wells would penetrate a layer approximately 30 feet in thickness where asbestos-containing wastes had reportedly been disposed in the past. Both Palm Beach County and the State of Florida have specific regulations regarding asbestos.

SCS utilized its internal Florida Licensed Asbestos Consultant (FLAC) to develop a detailed Asbestos Work Plan (AWP) that was presented to the SWA for its approval. The SWA listed specific guidance for compliance with all existing regulatory requirements for both worker and environmental protection.

The AWP was accepted by the SWA and was implemented at the beginning of field work. During the installation of the wells, SCS’s asbestos-trained and -accredited staff collected personal and area air samples on a daily basis, verifying that asbestos fibers were not being released to the air during the work. Additionally, an SCS-trained and -accredited Asbestos Inspector provided continuous observation of the well cuttings that were derived during the well installation process in order to determine if asbestos-containing waste was disturbed.

A total of five wells were installed within the suspected asbestos portion of the landfill during the operation. Air samples and field observations concluded that no asbestos containing materials were disturbed.