Landfill Engineering and Consulting – Medley Landfill, Miami-Dade County, Florida

scs engineers landfill design consultingThe Medley Landfill is a 170-acre regional landfill with waste flow of approximately 3,000 tons per day. The landfill is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is owned and operated by Waste Management, Inc.

SCS Engineers has performed numerous projects at Medley Landfill since 1998. A general list of the projects performed by SCS at the Medley Landfill since 1998 follows:

Design & Permitting – Landfill

Geotechnical and hydrogeologic investigations, permitting two lateral/vertical expansion, permitting C&D disposal areas and permitting an alternative final cover system.

Design & Permitting – Landfill Leachate

Leachate pre-treatment expansion design, options for expansion, cost evaluation, operation recommendations and permitting an increase of the leachate treatment capacity.

Design & Permitting – Landfill Gas

Installation/repair of landfill gas pipes, preparation of a Title V permit application, conducting quarterly surface emissions monitoring, preparation of the Annual Operating Report and installation of perimeter gas monitoring probes.

Design & Permitting – Surface Water

Evaluation of wetlands, permitting surface water management system (ERP and Class VI) for the lateral/vertical expansion, permitting modifications to the surface water management system to accommodate changes to operations, providing annual inspection and preparation of reports, preparation of construction drawings and specifications for construction of the permitted surface water management system, providing construction monitoring during construction of the surface water management system, preparation of construction certifications documents and the transfer of the constructed system to operation phase.

Construction-Related Activities

Preparation of waste grading plans, construction drawings, specifications, construction quality assurance plan, and contract documents, and provision of technical services, construction management and construction quality assurance services.

Compliance Monitoring – Water Quality

Installation of ground water monitoring wells and background water quality monitoring of the new wells, and preparation of ground water potentiometric maps for the semiannual ground water monitoring reports.

Annual Reporting – Landfill

Preparation of airspace consumption, annual closure and long-term care cost estimates, and annual financial model.


Evaluation and recommendations regarding final cover system failure designed by others, assist in addressing compliance issues at the facility, evaluation of canal dredging material for re-use at the landfill, including coordination of sampling and laboratory testing, evaluation of results, and reporting, permitting re-use options for canal dredging material in the daily landfill operations and construction of new cells, including routine sampling, coordination of laboratory testing and reporting of dredging material delivered to the site, evaluation of six months of dredged material sample data and provision of assistance to counsel for ongoing legal issues.