Landfill Gas and LFGE – Monmouth County Project, Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Monmouth County engaged SCS Engineers to design and construct a 1-megawatt project at the municipality’s reclamation center adjacent to its landfill. The landfill gas-fired reciprocating engine supplies electric power to satisfy on-site power requirements. Excess power during off-peak hours is sent to the grid.

The project incorporates:

  • Treatment of the landfill gas for hydrogen sulfide removal
  • Landfill gas pressurization
  • Jenbacher 320 engine-generator
  • Switchgear and a step-up transformer
  • SCADA system using SCS’s proprietary iSCADA technology

The project began operation in November 2007. SCS has a two-year operation and maintenance contract for this facility.

SCS Engineers’ responsibilities:

  • Detailed Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Construction
  • Plant Startup
  • SCADA System