Landfill Services – Solid Waste Consulting (Hillsborough, Florida)

hillsborough landfillSCS Engineers has provided landfill engineering and solid waste consulting services to the Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Department since 1985. SCS has provided various planning, design, permitting, and construction projects at its active and closed landfills. The active County landfill is called the Southeast County Landfill. It is a 162-acre Class I landfill which receives municipal incinerator ash and other municipal solid waste. A listing of the major projects completed by SCS is provided below:

  • Prepared operating permit renewal applications for the Southeast County Landfill in 1989, 1994 and 2001.
  • Assisted County to prepare a request for proposal to privatize landfill operations and negotiate a life-of-site contract with the selected vendor.
  • Designed $3.5 million, 60,000-gallon/day leachate treatment and reclamation facility for the Southeast County Landfill (SCLF), and provided resident engineering services.
  • Prepared master plan for the Southeast County Solid Waste Facility.
  • Prepared preliminary design and master plan for a new 200-acre Class I landfill area.
  • Designed and permitted a 12-acre landfill expansion cell, including pre-excavation and liner plans, and provided construction engineering and CQA services.
  • Completed stormwater management permitting for the SCLF.
  • Prepared Tier 1 and Design Capacity Reports, and Title V permit application for the SCLF.
  • Conducted wetlands, flora/fauna and endangered species surveys for a 200-acre landfill expansion at the SCLF.
  • Designed improvements to the leachate collection and conveyance systems Phases IV, V and VI of the SCLF.
  • Prepared design and permit documents for a LFG collection system for the SCLF.
  • Prepared closure and post-closure care estimates and financial assurance documentation for the Hillsborough Heights, Taylor Road and Southeast County Landfills.