Oil Gas Exploration and Production – Permitting and Compliance, Cat Canyon Oilfield, Santa Barbara County, California

cat canyon oil fieldAt the request of our client, ERG Operating Company, SCS Engineers has played a pivotal role in the reactivation of the formerly idle Cat Canyon Oilfield.

Through our innovative land use strategies, we were able to secure the vested-rights determinations and permit issuances needed to restore 20,000 mineral-bearing acres, hundreds of wells and multiple steam generators to active production in less than two years. This has allowed our client to produce thousands of barrels per day and has positioned them as the second largest onshore oil and gas producer in Santa Barbara County.

SCS continues to manage Cat Canyon’s return to full production by providing a full suite of compliance services (including SPCCs, greenhouse gas reporting, stormwater monitoring and others), obtaining approval of a three-mile crude export pipeline, and processing the permit application for the development of a 233-unit thermal well expansion.

The Cat Canyon project is a quintessential example of SCS Engineers’ ability to provide a one-stop shop for oilfield permitting and compliance services, including land use management with local cities and counties, air quality compliance with air districts, and subsurface injection permitting for both Class 2 wells (e.g., Division of Oil, Gas, & Geothermal Resources) and Class 1 wells (e.g, Environmental Protection Agency).