Organics Management & Leachate Investigation – Anaerobic Digester Pro Forma Analysis and Leachate Collection System

SCS Engineers Organics ManagementMetro Park East Landfill, Mitchellville, Iowa

SCS Engineers developed a pro forma cost analysis for constructing and operating an anaerobic digester plant for organics processing at the Metro Park East Landfill near Des Moines, Iowa. The pro forma analysis modeled capital and ongoing design life costs associated with implementing a modular and scalable dry anaerobic digester plant to process and treat a source-separated high organic waste stream hauled to the facility under private contact from regional Wal-Mart stores.

Costing and revenue variables evaluated as part of the pro forma model included:

  • Initial project planning, design and permitting
  • Site engineering and construction, including digester plant components, site development work, license, and installation
  • Operations, including training, maintenance, equipment, staffing, waste stream tonnage, waste stream composition, production rates, and design life
  • Financial considerations, including production values, tipping fees, cost of living, inflationary adjustments and debt structuring

SCS’s analysis evaluated the marketability of various end-use products, including electricity via biogas combustion, combined heat and power, compressed natural gas and high-quality compost. The analysis is designed for use as a preliminary strategic planning tool to aid in evaluating the financial efficacy of implementing an organics-recycling program of this type at the facility.

Model outputs included cash flow, revenue, and profit/loss projections, as well as requisite tipping fees to achieve the facility’s desired financial outcomes.

In addition to an electronic version of the pro forma cost model, a letter report was prepared as a final project deliverable summarizing the anaerobic digester plant technology of interest, anticipated market opportunities and operational/functional challenges associated with implementing this technology at Metro Park East.

Performed a leachate collection system clogging investigation for the Metro Park East Landfill. The investigation included collecting samples of the landfill’s leachate and precipitate scale for chemical analysis and developing alternatives for removing the scale from various landfill pipes. Physical and chemical processes were considered with a chemical acid treatment ultimately recommended for implementation.