SCSeTools Landfill Monitoring with Online Data Management System

A landfill in the northwestern U.S. had extensive liquid and landfill gas (LFG) issues. The landfill owner was searching for a way of providing online data management services for the LFG extraction system, blower/flare station, leachate sumps, and the storage tank farm because exceedance tracking indicated the investment was far less than potential fines or hiring more staff to manage all of the data.

The client chose SCS DataServices® to handle LFG wellfield monitoring data, map the information and then perform trend analyses. Data is quickly mapped into a visual, using charts and plots to show patterns or relationships in the data for one or more variables. The client can quickly analyze the cause of alerts or identify exactly where malfunctioning equipment or infrastructure is located. What was once numerical data is now accessible, understandable and actionable evidence.

DataServices® has functions for regulatory exceedance alerts, exceedance re-test, calendar schedule tracking, open exceedance tracking, and missed-monitoring point alerts that solved the owner’s immediate need to remain in compliance and the trend analyses helped him with longer-term efficiencies in scheduling technicians and responding faster.

SCS then designed and installed SCS Remote Monitoring and Control® (RMC®) on the pump stations and tank farms, including the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system installation and communication between the individual control systems. Key features of the monitoring system allow remote monitoring on smart-devices, notification of alarm conditions, data logging, and the capability to remotely view and run a system as if he is directly at the controls.

These applications and hardware allow the landfill owner to save money on staff costs, while gathering critical data faster to make better decisions on issues as they arise. Watch the SCS RMC® video to gain a greater understanding about using these tools at landfills to manage flares, leachate, air quality and more.