Solid Waste Planning – AB 939 Services, Integrated Waste Management Department, Orange County, California

ab 939 waste management

SCS Engineers served as the prime contractor for on-call AB 939 services in Orange County. Under this three-year contract, SCS undertook a variety of studies for the County, such as:

  • Waste Generation/New Base-Year Study
  • AB 939 Fee Study
  • Diversion Facility Study
  • hauler audits
  • other AB 939 compliance activities

Projects completed by SCS include:

  • analysis of the existing waste diversion and disposal quantities in the County unincorporated area
  • identification of opportunities to increase landfill diversion, including inventory of green waste composting and chipping and grinding facilities, inert (asphalt and concrete) diversion facilities and other non-disposal facilities
  • analysis of a potential fee structure for increasing diversion of recyclables from the landfills
  • analysis of self-haul waste stream, including the facilities utilized by self-haulers for the disposal of construction, demolition and other waste streams
  • hauler fee audits to determine compliance with franchise agreement
  • hauler address audits to determine waste origin reporting errors
  • five-year update of the Countywide integrated waste management plan