Solid Waste Planning – Public Venue/Special Events Project, South Bayside Waste Management Authority, California

The South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA) hired SCS Engineers to assist in the implementation of AB 2176, including designing outreach materials, communicating with the 11 jurisdictions under SBWMA, assisting in grant writing and collecting data.

SCS identified the top 10 percent of venues and events within the 11 jurisdictions, provided a brief description of the types of waste generated, and estimated the amount of SCS Engineers materials disposed and diverted. SCS assisted in the development of a local ordinance to facilitate solid waste reduction, reuse and recycling at venues and events. SCS contacted the top 10 percent of venues and events to gather annual waste generation tonnage and diversion tonnage, using this information to formulate a waste-reduction program description.

SCS developed education and outreach materials for venues and events, such as a recycling program implementation checklist, vendor recycling procedures, and/or recycling guidelines. On behalf of the SBWMA, SCS prepared a grant provided by the Department of Conservation (DOC). SCS successfully obtained $64,000 in grant funds for the development of two self-contained mobile recycling trailers, including bins, liners, signage and toters, for use in special events throughout the SBWMA’s jurisdictions.

SCS was recently hired to oversee and implement all aspects of the DOC grant including hiring and training interns to deliver the mobile trailers, selecting equipment, developing a special event tracking database and preparing grant reports. SCS currently manages the AB 2176 reporting, data tracking and implementation.