Waste Characterization – Santa Barbara County, California

Our study characterized 110 loads of municipal solid waste at the Tajiguas landfill and the Santa Barbara County transfer station in order to provide detailed composition estimates. Results included

  • composition estimates, both for the overall waste stream and for the franchised residential (single-family waste)
  • franchised commercial (multi-family and business waste)
  • self-haul (all sources) loads
scs engineers landfill solid waste plan update
SCS characterized municipal solid waste at the Tajiguas landfill in Santa Barbara County.

As part of the project, SCS Engineers – along with subcontractor Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc. – undertook the following:

Developed a detailed sampling plan for the City of Santa Barbara, the City of Goleta, other cities and unincorporated areas.

This sampling plan is statistically valid and allows for the projection of results.

Scheduled and collected waste samples.

Based on data from vehicle counts and tonnage estimates for the three sub streams, samples were collected by jurisdiction of origin, at each facility, and sampling quotas and daily vehicle selection sheets were established to ensure the correct number and types of vehicles were sampled each day.

Captured and sorted samples.

Selected vehicles were directed to the sorting area, where the sampling crew supervisor directed the loader operator to scoop a portion of the waste tipped from the selected vehicle. The samples were then sorted into 57 waste component categories.

Analyzed data and prepared report.

Following the sampling, all composition data were entered into a customized database. Waste composition estimates were then calculated by aggregating sampling data utilizing a weighted average procedure.