Upcoming mandatory testing requirements for chromium plating facilities

Transactions of the IMF, 98(1), 6-7

The Californian chrome or chromium plating facilities are being required to test for PFAS even if there is no evidence of historical contamination at the property from any chemicals. Current testing is requiring the analysis of 25 different kinds of PFAS, including PFOS and 6:2 FTS. If water can migrate into the subsurface, so can PFAS. Once in the soil, any water introduced into the soil could transport the PFAS into the groundwater. However, false-positive detections are common during the investigations for PFAS and can lead to unnecessary expense and additional investigations.

The author is Lynleigh Love a Senior Professional Geologist at SCS Engineers specializing in emerging contaminants.

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(2020) Upcoming mandatory testing requirements for chromium plating facilities, Transactions of the IMF, 98:1, 6-7, DOI: 10.1080/00202967.2020.1696597.

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