State vs Federal CCR Rule Regulations: Comparisons and Impacts

The Federal CCR rule differs from many current state regulations for CCR management at landfills and impoundments, as well as groundwater quality management near CCR facilities. While unifying CCR regulations may provide consistency for utilities operating in multiple states, there may also be benefits in the unique decisions made by each state regarding CCR management, storage, and monitoring.

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About the Author: Nicole Kron, PG, has nearly a decade of experience in the environmental consulting field. Her experiences focus on groundwater quality analysis of sites contaminated with coal gasification byproducts, coal combustion byproducts, chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, metals, and PCBs. Her experience includes managing team task coordination, groundwater modeling, and statistical analysis of CCP/CCR sites. She is experienced in planning and performing soil and groundwater contamination investigations, air monitoring, well design and installation, and soil and groundwater sampling.