Environmental Insurance Claims and Underwriting Support

National Expert: Michael Schmidt


We understand that Spill Prevention Planning and Risk Management are valuable preventative measures that protect life, the environment, and businesses, but accidents still happen. Environmental insurance protects companies by covering the expense of assessing contamination and performing remediation, thus restoring the environment and helping to keep the business operating safely. As environmental engineers and consultants, we are experts who verify a cleanup is being conducted efficiently, following Federal, State, and local agency’s policies, and is economically reasonable.

Environmental Insurance Services - SCS EngineersMany technical aspects of an environmental claim require review and consideration as a claim proceeds from first notice, thorough coverage evaluation, and if coverage is accepted, claim management. We have the technical and insurance expertise to assist insurers with every step in that process, from source and timing evaluations to assisting claims staff with coverage determinations, to technical document and cost reviews, and lastly assisting both the insurer and insured in facilitating an expedient, regulatory compliant and cost-effective claim closure. Some of the industry’s largest environmental insurers retain SCS. We provide these clients with a diverse range of professional expertise, a national presence, and claim review assistance based on insurance industry experience and technical knowledge.

Just as we offer a diverse array of professional expertise and experience to our engineering and environmental consulting clients, our insurance company clients also benefit from that same extensive experience. SCS staff have reviewed hundreds of environmental claims located at sites across the United States, and have consistently reduced liabilities on these claims by successfully managing and controlling project scopes and costs. Our experience includes a wide range of environmental claim scenarios (i.e. gasoline/service stations, transportation accidents, the oil and gas industry, manufacturing and industrial facilities, asbestos, mold), which dovetails extremely well with SCS’s own business sectors.

The combination of SCS’s industry expertise, contacts associated with our insurance support services, and our Federal, State, and local level regulatory expertise, brings more knowledge and efficiency to each project, or claim, in the case of the insurance support we offer. SCS offers a wide range of engineering and environmental services, a national presence, and a positive established industry reputation with regulators.

Our commercial, industrial, municipal, and insurance clients appreciate being able to draw upon our insurance-related expertise to assist them with their claims, underwriting-related risk evaluation, submittals, interpreting insurance requirements, and liaising with insurance companies as part of our core capabilities. SCS’s claim experience in our many business sectors involves explicitly addressing both client and insurer needs. We meet with regulators, participate in mediations, and have field personnel on-site to observe consultants and contractors, working closely with all involved parties to achieve a successful outcome.

SCS provides consulting for a variety of business sectors that have operations covered by environmental insurance, including: