Health and Safety Program Development

SCS Engineers has a well-developed, proven, and effective internal health and safety (H&S) management system. We hold safety as a core corporate value. The organizations we work with embrace this same core value, and we have helped many clients implement their own health and safety systems.

SCS Engineers health safety programsOur clients can benefit from SCS’s extensive experience with an improved H&S program that will evolve and be sustainable for many years.

SCS believes that completing any project successfully requires an effective partnership with our client. In that spirit, SCS will partner with your organization’s management and employees to execute project goals while maintaining an open and consistent line of communication. SCS’s fundamental approach to developing an effective work plan and completing project deliverables requires working in concert with established technical guidance (e.g., ANSI Z10) and has the following sequential framework:

Task 1: Work with organizational staff to review all written H&S program elements (e.g., organizational mission statement, compliance and behavior-based safety elements, training) and verify to which employee groups each element applies.

Task 2: Review the planning, communication, and recordkeeping practices that are utilized to develop, implement, and sustain your existing H&S program. For example, we review and evaluate where and how your organization’s H&S program is incorporated into your business operations (e.g., Purchasing, Construction, etc.) and how effective it is in each case.

Task 3: Issue an employee survey that will obtain basic feedback on staff knowledge of the H&S program, each person’s perception of the program’s effectiveness, and recommendations for improvement.

Task 4: Conduct on-site walk-through surveys of selected work locations. SCS will conduct risk assessments, using established technical guidance (e.g., ANSI Z10 criteria) for the operational elements and employee job tasks conducted at each location.