Alternative Fuel and Energy Markets

13th Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show, San Diego

August 10, 2022

SWANA Board President and Project Director at SCS Engineers, Timothy Flanagan, is giving the keynote address at the 13th Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show (WCTC) in San Diego, August 10-12, 2022.

Professionals from around the globe come to hear acclaimed industry representatives talk about converting waste materials into alternative fuel and energy.  WCTC is the oldest and one of the largest waste conversion conferences focusing on converting waste to fuels and chemicals.  Seasoned waste professionals and scientists, utility representatives, attorneys, banking and finance representative, solid waste directors, waste management professionals, and entrepreneurs who believe in this new frontier of chemical recycling, as well as, converting waste for our energy and fuel purposes attend the conference to learn and share from one another.

At his keynote address, Tim Flanagan will explore “Waste in the Spotlight – Creating Opportunities”

Solid waste issues are being discussed in Congress, are highly visible in the media, and have become more relevant to many Americans. SWANA is the biggest association in the waste industry and is highly engaged in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere. Recently elected SWANA President Tim Flanagan (SCS Project Director) will explain how Climate Change, concerns about plastic pollution, and marine litter are creating new opportunities for everyone in the industry. Tim will discuss some of the key policy issues that SWANA is working on at EPA and on Capitol Hill.

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Posted by Laura Dorn at 12:00 am