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November 1, 2023

cannabis odor management
Eva Luu, Paul Schafer, and Christopher Petro of SCS Engineers – Environmental Science Meets Businesses at the 2023 Cannabis Conference.


The cannabis industry gathered at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas for the annual Cannabis Conference, an industry-leading event for professionals from plant-touching cannabis businesses. Hosted by Cannabis Business Times, the conference has grown over the years to become a global hub for networking, education, and innovation.

The Cannabis Conference attracts thousands of attendees from across the United States, Canada, and nearly 30 other countries. With a focus on education, the conference provides a platform for professionals to explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the cannabis world. It’s where leaders in cultivation, business, and retail innovation gather to share their experiences and inspire others to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

While the event covered a wide range of topics, we hope SCS Engineers (SCS) brought a breath of fresh air to the event by showcasing environmental solutions focusing on the environmental challenges specific to the cannabis industry. What set SCS apart at the conference is its unique focus on odor management, a critical issue often overlooked in the cannabis industry. And one that can cause costly nuisance complaints or, in some cases, prevent permitting an operation.

Odor Pollution Assessment and Mitigation

Odor pollution is a significant concern for cannabis businesses. Over 50% of air pollution complaints received by regulatory agencies involve an odor component. Having a mitigation strategy helps smooth and speed the permitting process. The environmental engineers and consultants offer a comprehensive range of odor assessment and mitigation services tailored specifically for industrial operations.

Application of Industry Technologies

Project Director Paul Schafer, Project Managers Eva Luu and Christopher Petro, and Marketing Coordinator Jodie Rukamp were on hand to greet curious attendees and answer questions about odor management. The exhibitor hall was a hot spot of attention for SCS, and for good reason. These industry experts brought their olfactometer and showcased case studies for the SCS-ent-i-PED cannabis odor surrogate instrument. The team and new technologies drew attention, stirred conversations about odor management, and spotlighted discoveries by SCS while solving odor problems for clients whose greenhouses and operations often coexist near neighborhoods and more urban areas.

Conference Keynotes and Case Studies

While attending the Cannabis Conference, the SCS team attended several keynote speaking events, including Surviving The Market Crash, where cannabis cultivators Stone Road, Veritas Fine Cannabis, and SCS’s Carpinteria, California client Autumn Brands spoke on the subject of the strategies for everything from saving on labor costs to how and when automation can be useful.

Presenters discussed evaluating operational structures and helping attendees evaluate many aspects of their business to survive a market downturn and thrive over the long term. Autumn Brands discussed internal resource management and relayed the significance of the cannabis market downturn during the last several years. SCS was instrumental in helping Autumn Brands reduce their capital expenses related to long-term odor management and develop meaningful empirical connections between sulfonated compound surrogates relative to nuisance cannabis odors.


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Christopher PetroAbout the Author: Christopher Petro, MSCE, EIT, is a Project Manager for SCS, providing technical and managerial support for environmental compliance, regulatory, and odor management projects. He has 17 years of experience in planning, engineering, grant writing, and construction development. He currently manages projects in Central California. Reach out to Chris at or via LinkedIn.




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