leachate collection and recovery

June 14, 2022

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting
Renewable Energy Plant at the Apex Regional Landfill


SCS Field Services announces that the Las Vegas Paving Corporation selected the firm to subcontract the construction of the environmental remediation systems for the Apex Regional Landfill MA20 Cell expansion. SCS Field Services is the landfill operations, monitoring, and maintenance (OM&M) practice of SCS Engineers.

Apex is the nation’s largest landfill, receiving approximately 9,000 tons of municipal solid waste daily. The 2,200-acre facility could operate for another 250+ years through 2275. All Landfill systems are complex and require careful and regular monitoring by specialists and technicians to maintain their longevity and efficiency. SCS Field Services provides specialists at over 600 landfills in the nation. Working collaboratively, SCS Engineers provides expertise in developing the environmental-safety mechanisms and technologies required to protect the surrounding communities.

A key component of SCS’s environmental management plan for Apex focuses on the leachate collection and recovery systems that help prevent leachate buildup in the new cell until the permanent systems are online. Leachate is a tainted liquid generated as precipitation filters through decomposing waste material. Leachate collection and recovery with liner systems prevent the liquid from escaping from a landfill. The systems protect groundwater, surface waters, and soil from potentially polluting the environment. The Las Vegas Apex Regional Landfill OM&M team will use SCS Leachate™ to facilitate the tracking of leachate generation and disposal data.

“We’re proud to have the opportunity to support the Apex Regional Landfill, which provides the region with safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible disposal while providing power and contributing to Nevada’s renewable energy goals,” states SCS Field Services Desert Southwest Region Manager Arthur Jones. Mr. Jones and Project Manager Chris Romo lead SCS’s Apex OM&M team.






Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am