December 1, 2022

SCS Engineers - CCR management and decommissioning


The USWAG Utility Decommissioning Workshop in Crystal City, VA, begins on December 12th.  This valuable workshop provides utilities the chance to focus on topics that can save time and money while working toward new goals. We’ll be covering these topics:

  • Planning and Environmental Compliance Considerations
  • In-Place Retirement of Power Plants
  • End-of-Use Management of Wind Generation Assets
  • Solar Systems End of Life
  • Planning for Future Disposal of Renewable Generation Assets
  • Closure by Beneficial Reuse of Legacy Ash Storage Sites
  • Preparing for Abatement and Demolition
  • Deep Well Injection (DIW)

SCS Engineers Vice President and Deep Well Injection Expert, Monte Markley, will present a session on how deep well injection is facilitating site development and minimizing post closure costs for utilities nationwide. The challange for sustainably managing CCR leachate and other liquid residuals as a facility is decommissioned is met in phases by facilitating site redevelopment allowing leachate lagoon or evaporation basins to be decommissioned in the short term and utilizing the DIW for long term leachate disposal. The small foot print of a deep injection well and the ability to safely, continuously operate with minimal staffing allows conventional leachate management infrastructure real estate to be re-purposed. Having the ability to decommission leachate lagoons and other water treatment infrastructure (e.g. groundwater pump and treat systems) within 18-24 months after closure allows owners to avoid significant post closure care costs. Avoided costs include long term operrations and maintenance, regulatory reporting, and financial assurance. Mr. Markley’s presentation based on case studies outlines the requirements to get a well permitted and operational at a facility, and includes examples of capital and opex costs avoided.





Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am