us composting council

October 13, 2023

SCS Engineers is an Emerald Sponsor of The USCC’s Annual Conference and Tradeshow, Compost 2024, the premier professional meeting for composting, organics recycling, and related topics, February 6-9, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Look for this special session featuring SCS Engineers’ Organics Management expert:

Dave Aldridge of the Southeastern Connecticut Regional Resources Recovery Authority and
Greg McCarron of SCS Engineers will present on
“Planning and Development of a Public Compost Facility”

The presentation covers the planning and development steps SCRRRA took to permit and build a regional compost facility that accepts food and yard waste. The proposed facility will accept organic material from all its member towns and regional businesses and produce a high-quality soil amendment for farmers and gardeners. SCRRRA will also provide finished compost, at a reduced cost, to disadvantaged communities in the region, for community gardens and beautification projects.

Meet the SCS Engineers team at Booth 507! If you are unsure if composting fits your waste management needs, SCS has an Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Compost System and Pilot Program. The program helps you evaluate your organic waste streams to determine if it is a viable solution before you invest capital. Learn more about the ASP Compost Pilot Program.

SCS has been focusing on the organics materials management sector and has a staff devoted to staying current with the latest trends and technologies. SCS can evaluate and provide unbiased analyses of the approaches and technologies so that municipal officials can make informed decisions for their communities.


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Posted by Diane Samuels at 8:48 am