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Free SCS Webinar: Built to Last – Design, Build and Operate Landfills for Extreme Weather Resiliency

November 19, 2020

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that the U.S. has sustained a total cost exceeding $1.790 trillion from extreme weather and climate disasters since 1980. 2019 also marks the fifth consecutive year (2015-19) in which ten or more separate billion-dollar disaster events impacted the U.S.

Each U.S. region faces unique weather and climate events. Solid waste facilities and landfills are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather since these facilities are exposed 24/7 to the environment. Extreme weather can disrupt safe and cost-effective operations, increase maintenance needs, and may compromise landfill stability.

Rather than reacting to the costly aftermath of extreme weather, landfill owners, operators, and designers can adopt landfill operations and maintenance, fundamental design, construction, and closure measures that can help protect facilities from damage during their operational life and for decades after closure.

Register for SCS Engineers’ November webinar to learn how to increase your facility’s longevity and ability to survive extreme weather. This is a free, live webinar with Q&A – open to solid waste professionals. Then, followed by an on-demand recording in the SCS Knowledge Center, where SCS shares environmental educational videos.

The presentation and discussion focus on the considerations landfill engineers integrate when planning, including the landfill locations’ potential for wildfires or drought, intense rainfall and flooding, high temperature, strong wind, and landfalling storms such as hurricanes.

Assessing the potential impacts to operations are considered for long-term financial sustainability, including excessive runoff, soil erosion and sedimentation, slope instability, overflowing of ponds and drainage features, excessive leachate generation and side seeps, as well as disruptions to landfill gas collection and control systems, and excessive waste settlement.

Robert Gardner, Sr. VP & Natl Expert on Solid Waste Collection – Routing & Solid Waste Finance & Rate Studies                                  .
Robert Isenberg, Sr. VP, Natl Expert on Geotechnical – Landfill Design and CQA

Our panelists bring decades of expertise to the table, including landfill design and solid waste master planning. They will provide strategies and resources based on successful solutions that help support your facility as you prepare for, and likely will experience disruptions from severe weather. The second half of the program is devoted to Q&A and idea exchange. This educational webinar and Q&A forum are free and open to all who want to:

  • Predict weather impacts on facilities and operations
  • Avoid costly repairs and environmental risks
  • Continue to provide services to customers
  • Remain responsive to constituents’ concerns
  • Share and learn ideas, strategies among peers without a sales pitch.


When: Thursday, November 19, 2020, 11:00 AM Eastern

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