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World of Coal Ash 2019

May 13, 2019

The World of Coal Ash (WOCA) conference is an international conference organized by the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). The 2019 conference will be held May 13-16, 2019, in St. Louis Missouri.  This 8th joint biennial meeting will focus on the science, applications and sustainability of worldwide coal combustion products (CCPs) as well as gasification products.

SCS Engineers is a Platinum sponsor of this year’s conference, and numerous SCS professionals plan to present or attend, including our Senior Vice President of Environmental Services, Mike McLaughlin.  Our presenters will be:

  • Monte Markley, PG – “Midwest CCR Leachate Disposal Options Evaluation and Disposal Case Study”
  • Eric Nelson – “Finding Balance: How Future Use Guides Ash Pond Closure Strategies”
  • Nicole Kron and Eric Nelson – “State vs Federal CCR Rule Regulations: Comparisons and Impacts”
  • Phil Gearing (with Lindsay Motl of Alliant Energy) – “How to Minimize CCR Landfill Leachate and Contact Water Management”

Check back for more details, which will be posted as the agenda is finalized.

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State vs Federal CCR Rule Regulations: Comparisons and Impacts

March 28, 2019

World of Coal Ash in St. Louis, May –13-16, 2019 event details.

When the Federal CCR rule went into effect in 2015, it was a new regulatory layer on top of a widely varying landscape of state regulations affecting CCR management in impoundments and landfills. Some states already had significant regulations on the books for CCR impoundments and/or landfills, while others did not. Where state regulations existed, they varied widely from state to state. While a few states have moved toward closing the gap between state and federal CCR requirements, many utilities continue to face confusing and conflicting requirements coming from different regulatory programs as they move ahead with managing their CCR facilities.

Through case studies, SCS Engineers will share state-versus-federal regulatory challenges utilities have encountered in different regions of the country during landfill design and management, impoundment closure, and groundwater monitoring and reporting since the implementation of the Federal CCR Rule. For example, some sites have completely distinct groundwater monitoring programs under state versus federal rules, with different well locations, well depths, and monitoring parameters for the same facility. We will highlight unique approaches to bridging regulatory gaps and resolving regulatory conflicts between state and Federal CCR requirements.

SCS will also share insights gained on the long-term potential for regulatory resolution of these issues based on discussions with state regulators in multiple states.





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WOCA 2017 Presentations from SCS Engineers

May 18, 2017

WOCA 2017 Abstracts from SCS Engineers

A variety of CCB/CCP related topics guaranteed to enhance your knowledge. Click the title to read or share these papers.

Jeff Marshall – Mitigating Hydrogen Sulfide Issues at Coal Combustion Residuals and Municipal Solid Waste Co-disposal Sites – Learn about the biological, chemical and physical conditions necessary for FGD decomposition and hydrogen sulfide generation. Marshall will explore technologies that remove and treat hydrogen sulfide from landfill gas and present recommendations for reducing the potential for FGD decomposition at co-disposal facilities.

Eric-NelsonEric Nelson and Lindsay Motl – Working Through Location Restrictions to Expand the Ottumwa Midland Landfill – The final Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) rule introduces new challenges for companies developing new landfills or expanding existing sites. Join us to learn how Alliant Energy overcame these challenges and expanded the Ottumwa Midland Landfill (OML) to accommodate increased byproduct disposal rates from new emission control projects.

Steve Lamb and Floyd Cotter  – Selecting the Right Closure Cap Option for Your Surface Impoundment or CCR Landfill – Alternative capping options have recently emerged in the industry, such as exposed geomembrane liners or synthetic turf/geomembrane liner systems. Some of these alternative capping options have many advantages over their traditional counterparts. These experts describe the advantages and disadvantages of alternative capping options.

Learn more here.

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