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March 18, 2024

Young professionals making a difference
Congratulations to Dr. Shah and the 2024 Awardees of Waste 360’s 40 Under 40!


These young professionals, recognized in the environmental industry as rising stars, are making a difference. The 40-U-40 program introduces us to inspiring and innovative professionals under 40 who have made significant contributions through their work in waste, recycling, food waste, and organics. These environmental solutions provide proven and substantial positive impacts in lowering carbon footprints and helping us reach sustainable goals toward carbon neutrality.

Ketan Shah is a dedicated waste industry professional who focuses on technology solutions to lower environmental and health risks while looking to improve efficiency. Shah is an expert in landfill gas recovery modeling, refuse transfer station design, and life cycle assessment modeling. His contributions as a scholar and practitioner to environmental advancement are undeniable due to his published research and award-winning projects.

Dr. Shah’s impact on the waste management industry is ongoing, making him a great asset to SCS, its clients, and the community. Waste 360’s slideshow shows all the 2024 Awardees.



Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Shah and all of the 2024 40 Under 40 Awardees for helping keep our communities and our planet cleaner!


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August 26, 2022

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting
A few SCS Young Professionals gathered with Quinn (second from left) at a social event held at SCS’s Environmental College this year. Environmental College is an annual event where YPs learn and teach others best practices for wastewater pretreatment, stormwater, due diligence, Brownfields remediation, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gas footprints and verification, among other services.


Quinn Bernier currently chairs the SCS Engineers Young Professional Group. We recently spent time with Quinn following her return from SCS’s Environmental College, a national training forum held annually.

What is your title at SCS Engineers? Please briefly describe your responsibilities at SCS.
I’m a Project Engineer, mostly working on landfill gas system design projects, odor mitigation, and air compliance reporting. I also participate in SMM (sustainable materials management) projects, such as waste characterization studies and convenience center design.

Why did you come to work here? What attracted you to SCS?
I wanted to make a big move after graduating college, and I was looking for practical, tangible work in environmental engineering. The interview really sold me, though – everyone at the office was so welcoming and approachable. I felt like I fit in right away.

What is your favorite part of working at SCS?
Everyone says this because it’s true – the people that work here. There are so many smart, awesome people at SCS that are a pleasure to work with.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement/contribution to date?
Being on the Young Professionals Planning Committee and helping the YP Program grow the past three years while we’ve really expanded the breadth of resources we provide despite COVID – from the leadership interview series, to providing professional licensing advice, and launching a company-wide mentoring program. It’s been a privilege to be a part of serving other young professionals at the company and a lot of fun.

What was your greatest challenge, and how have you overcome it?
I’m still working on it since this largely comes with experience, but gaining confidence in my professional work and opinions. It was hard coming straight out of school to think of myself as a consultant, but I think a big help for me is remembering that I am doing a good job when I am doing the best I can for a client.

Why do you believe you have been successful?
Just putting myself out there. SCS has a very choose-your-own adventure style, and I think being willing to jump headfirst into whatever comes my way has opened a lot of doors. I also owe a lot to my peers and mentors for encouraging me to learn and grow.

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting
Quinn, performing a noise and dust study.

You recently became a Professional Engineer (P.E.). What advice do you have for someone that is studying for the P.E. exam?
This might only apply to the P.E. Environmental, but make sure you get to know the equation manual (even the tables and charts) and practice using the search function on it. It will save a lot of time on exam day.

What are your favorite hobbies?
I play competitive soccer, keep fish, and I’m always trying new crafts. I’ve been mostly pressing flowers and sewing lately.

Tell us your favorite aspect of the YP program. What is your role as YP Chair?
The best part about the YP Program is that it’s 100% run by YPs. As the current Chair, I lead the group in our biweekly calls, send out the Program emails, and serve as a Young Professionals representative at the SCS Board Meetings twice a year.


We thank Quinn and all of our remarkable YPs for dedicating their careers to helping businesses and their communities run cleaner and safer! Join one of the most award-winning and results-oriented environmental engineering and consulting firms in the nation.


Learn more about SCS Engineers.


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December 15, 2021

bcee engineer

With great pleasure, we announce the American Academy of Environmental Engineers Certification Board granted Som Kundral certification in the specialty of Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation this month. Board Certified Environmental Engineers (BCEE) such as Kundral make up the top four percent of environmental engineering experts.

Kundral and his work are well established and recognized across the nation. As a rising star and SCS Engineers’ Young Professional, Kundral’s teamwork is not only recognized by his clients but by the American Council of Engineering Companies and the Environmental Business Journal with a Business Achievement Award for Groundwater and Stormwater Remediation Solution. Kundral is also a Waste360 40 Under 40 award recipient.

Well done, Som! We’re so proud of you and all of our SCS Young Professionals helping our clients build a better world.






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July 6, 2021


Recently published in Zweig is an article by two SCS Engineers professionals discussing career growth. Montgomery Spillane, PG, a project professional, and Dillon Reio, GIT, a senior project professional at the firm, provide their perspectives in this short and inspiring article entitled Accelerating Development.

The co-authors make valuable points, including that career growth is not a linear path, then provide advice for career accelerating growth and responsibilities.

SCS’s CEO, Jim Walsh records Town Halls every two weeks for employees – our executives like to stay in touch. He just happened to finish a segment on SCS’s Mentorship Program for his Town Hall. Both mentor and mentee reflect the same advice in the Zweig article; they point out a few more benefits for both managers and young professionals during the discussion, such as discovering new pathways, networks and staying on goal.

It is gratifying to observe SCS YPs not only embracing our 51+ year culture of client focus, but they’re also growing our pay-it-forward attitude to build even more value into SCS Engineers every day. It’s truly wonderful to work with so many gifted people.


Thanks for creating an environment where the work experience is as rewarding as the results of our work.


Read Accelerating Development

Our SCS Co-Authors:

Montgomery Spillane, PG, a project professional


Dillon Reio, GIT, a senior project professional




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