Dillon Reio

Mr. Reio is a Senior Project Professional in our Miami office. He is a Geologist in Training with experience in site assessments, field sampling, and remediation of contaminated sites, including Phase I and Phase II ESAs pertaining to petroleum and industrial waste contamination. As a hydrogeologist for DERM, he reviewed technical reports as well as soil and groundwater assessments for proposed developments. He has a Bachelors degree in geoscience, and a Masters in hydrogeology.
Mr. Reio typically works on large- scale commercial redevelopment projects, but also has experience working on former agricultural sites, as well as smaller-scale commercial redevelopment projects. Mr. Reio has a thorough understanding of local and state regulations due to his time spent as a local regulator. Mr. Reio works collaboratively with clients to address regulatory requirements and ultimately obtain their desired regulatory closure.